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Everyday Architecture

Dudhope Court

Dundee’s Dudhope Court is an iconic 16-storey tower block containing 92 flats, with more low-rise housing below – all with balconies. This block was built in 1967 and is currently the tallest building in the city.

Built as public housing as part of the central area development scheme around St Mary’s Place, the block was constructed by what was known at the time as Dundee Borough Council. Construction was approved by committee in 1962 and the contractor for the development was James Miller & Partners Ltd.

Dudhope Court was actually the first high-rise residential building in Dundee. At the time of original construction the building was clad in render but this suffered water damage from rain and, as a result, the render eventually began detaching itself from the building! The cladding  was refurbished more than 20 years ago now and is still in place. 

Whilst originally built to accommodate the over 50’s, this rule wasn’t kept in place, and the current tenants are a total mix of ages. Dudhope Court is still in high-demand and has been described as the most tenant-favoured high-rise accommodation in the City.

Research by Stephanie Crowe
Words by Poppy Jarratt
Illustration by Dana Ulama