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Design Through Time

The Law

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Formed from a volcanic plug which was once part of a network of tunnels feeding a super volcano “miles to the west” of Dundee around 400 million years ago! The Law has had many uses over the millennia, from ancient burial sites, dating to around 3000 years old, to an iron-age fort, which mysteriously burned down almost 2,500 years ago, with a heat so fierce it scorched the earth beneath it.

With an advantageous position offering spectacular views of the city and beyond, it was too difficult to resist meddling with. From quarrying, to adding roads and paths, we have redesigned the law to meet modern day demands. The major man-made change to the Law’s aesthetic came in the form of a War memorial, honouring those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. Constructed from granites blocks with a bronze beacon and unveiled to the public on 16th May 1925, the memorial was originally to honour the fallen from WWI and was later added to as a mark of respect to those who had fallen during WWII. The beacon atop the memorial is lit to mark to mark the Battle of Loos (25th September) and Armistice Day (11th November).

Not many people know that a railway tunnel was built to run through the Law. It ran through a small portion of the south-eastern side of the Law, and not right through the centre, as many believe. The tunnel is still there to this day, concealed from prying eyes.

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Words and research by Dark Dundee